THE Question: Will a Montessori Education Adequately Prepare My Child for the Future?

31 January 2017
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You are the parent of an energetic, creative 4-year-old and you know that her education is going to have to be something special because she is something special. You have heard great things about Montessori schools, but still have so many questions. Does it really work? Most likely, you will open Google.com and start researching. How interesting that the founders of Google.com actually attribute a great part of their success to Montessori education!


In 2004, Barbara Walters ran a story on 60 Minutes where Larry Page and Sergey Brin, founders of Google.com, explained that the Montessori environment gave them freedom to learn, cultivated self-motivation, and enabled them to see their world differently. It was that foundation that helped them develop into the innovators that they are now.  Other successful, creative Montessori alumni include Jeff Bezos (founder of Amazon.com), Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Nobel Prize in Literature), Julia Child, Will Wright (Creator of “The Sims” video game), T. Berry Brazelton (notable pediatrician and author), and more.

It is THE question, right? Will this education model adequately prepare my child to thrive in the future? Will they be able to transition well into high school and college?

Research says yes! Studies showed that Montessori students:

  • had higher math and science scores in high school (if they attended a Montessori school from the approximate ages of 3-11).
  • had higher high school graduation rates and college attendance rates in a low-income neighborhood where the high school drop out rate was over 50%.
  • demonstrated better social skills and a strong sense of community (in addition to scoring higher in academic and behavioral tests).
  • showed higher motivation and socialization skills, as well as a joyful desire to do academic work (middle school students compared to their non-Montessori peers).

Thanks to the team at the National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector for these amazing resources. 

Why does it work? Because children are already free-thinkers. They are naturally curious and innovative! This model cultivates abilities that are already present. Montessori students spend time learning how to learn and not just what to learn. They see a bigger world than just the correct answer on a test. They become lifelong learners with minds for innovation and collaboration.


At OCA, we find so much joy in seeing our students discover, collaborate and find freedom to learn. We cannot wait to see the ways our lifelong learners impact the world!

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