Nurturing a Child vs Nurturing a Process

22 September 2017
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“You can tell what a child needs by looking into their eyes”, was the response of one of our teachers, when we were talking about the tension of caring for a child’s soul and cranking through the curriculum. Her wisdom came to fruition while she gave an extended math lesson on rounding numbers. Her curriculum guide said that she needed to complete this extended lesson. The children’s eyes showed a willingness to learn but they had met their capacity for that moment. In that split second glance, our teacher had to choose; follow the children or follow the curriculum pacing guide. She chose the children above a process and decided to save the remainder of the lesson for another day. This example is the difference between a school that nurtures children and one that moves children through a system. This example is the difference between OCA and many other schools in our community. If that was your child, what would you have wanted the teacher to do?