OCA Blended Model for Homeschoolers

The Blended Model at Oak City Academy (OCA) is created specifically so that parents can remain highly involved in their children’s education. In fact, for this model to be successful, it requires a high level of involvement from the parents. This model allows for parents to spend more time with their children in home education without the stresses associated with running a school, planning curriculum, and purchasing materials.

Many home school families who have toured Oak City Academy have referred to OCA as a "glorified homeschool" due to the peacefulness of the educational environment, the focus on the educational needs of each child, the multi-age educational classrooms, and the unique educational experiences we are able to give students with both visiting speakers and field trips.

OCA is now honored to partner with home educators in offering a 2 day a week blended model of education for children normally in the 4th through 6th grade. Children will attend on Mondays and Wednesdays each week, in which they will get to experience our Montessori style of education with a rich blend of classical methodology as well. The students will enjoy writing with IEW, learning math and grammar through hands on Montessori materials, exciting science experiments, enrichment classes such as physical education and music, as well as rich social interactions with other students. OCA will provide trained teachers and staff who will organize the curriculum, communicate the pacing schedule, and coordinate the home-school connection. OCA is pleased to share that the tuition amount each parent pays will include BOTH quarterly assessment of the material learned as well as provide each parent with the curriculum materials needed for that year. 

Curriculum for the OCA Blended Model

Oak City Academy operates on a 3 year rotating curriculum cycle aligned with historic time periods. These periods are Ancient (Cycle 1), Middle Ages (Cycle 2), and Modern (Cycle 3). The writing, reading, literature, history, and memory work are especially tied to these time periods.

Upper Elementary (4th - 6th grade)



Alongside trained instructors, students will use the IEW curriculum and learn key word outlining, writing from notes, summarizing information from reference material, introducing a form essay, and various style concepts to enhance their writing.



Students will work through the Spelling Plus curriculum culminating in a Spelling Bee. An assessment will be given to find the the list that is appropriate for each child to start on.

Reading and Vocabulary


Reading selections are leveled according to the nationally recognized Fountas and Pinnell leveling system. Students' reading levels will be assessed twice a year according to the F&P assessment system. In the classroom, students are able to choose from a selection of rich literature appropriate for their reading level. OCA selects its books based on the idea of living books promoted by Charlotte Mason and uses guides such as "Honey for a Child's Heart." Vocabulary acquisition is enhanced through the use of Wordly Wise books that focus specifically on building vocabulary.



Sentence diagraming and advance syntax is acquired through using hands on Montessori materials. Grammar concepts may be practiced at home through worksheet packets provided by the teacher.



Literature guides focusing on thematic development, critical thinking, and character development are provided alongside the books that the 5 day a week students will use for the literature discussions. Blended model families will receive the same materials needed for literature study however participation in literature groups happens on Thur/Fri and is thus an a la cart option. We encourage each family to add the a la cart "Literature Group" option to their course choices in order for their child to experience the deep group discussions and culmination experiences OCA students gain through Literature Groups. Examples of these culmination experiences in our Medieval cycle include participation and planning of the Medieval Feast, Shakespeare Reader's Theater, and the Dangerous Journey playwriting and mini production. 



Advanced operations (using whole, mixed numbers, decimals, and fractions) are learned through hands on Montessori Materials. Geometric concepts of lines, angles, and shapes are also studied through hands on Montessori materials. An online website educational website (where learning feels like play!) will be used at home for review practice and worksheet packets will also be provided by the teacher. An online educational license will be provided for your child.



History stories are acquired through Story of the World. Children are then provided research guidelines through which they are given choices to study various historical elements of each story...culminating in a creative project to showcase their work.  



Science is studied through Montessori style hands-on lessons and experiments. Extension lessons are provided for additional science lessons at home.



Geography is studied through Montessori style hands on lessons in which a students gets to learn more about geographic concepts and a specific geographic area. The student will receive research guidelines to independently study a region and create a project to showcase their work.

Memory Work


The students will memorize historical documents and and literature (particularly poems) which will cultivate wisdom and virtue in the heart as they internalize these pieces through memory.

Tuition for the OCA Blended Model

Tuition: $3900.

This includes formal education in a Montessori environment 2 days a week, curriculum for at home use, a scope and sequence, quarterly assessments, student academic tracking, and OCA’s Christ integrated model for spiritual formation and character building.Grading is primarily the responsibility of the parent.

Application Fee: $50

New Student Enrollment Fee: $250 (Non-refundable deposit to hold your child's spot)

Curriculum Fee: $150 (50% Refundable deposit at the end of the year when curriculum materials are returned and in "like new" condition)

A La Carte

OCA also offers a few A La Cart options for families in the OCA Blended Model. These are additional  (and optional) course offerings that can enrich your child’s educational experience, but are not normally offered in Blended Model.



Students will be guided by two experienced thespians who will lead the students in voice projection, dramatic movement, and small plays of classic stories.

When: Every Tuesday afternoon throughout the 2017-2018 school year (30 min once a week)

Cost: $275 for the year

Literature Discussion Groups


Each Thursday and Friday the 5 day a week students gather to discuss a book the group is reading together. These discussions focus on understanding the experience of the characters, the development of themes within the work, the story arch of the work, and growing in virtue through the story and discussion. Those involved in the Thursday AND Friday Literature groups, wrap up each piece of literature through a rich "culmination experience." Samples of these culmination experiences, during our Medieval time period, include hosting a Medieval Feast, writing/producing/staging/Acting out Pilgrims Progress, and participation in Shakespeare's readers theatre. 

When: Every Thursday or Every Thursday & Friday


$275 for Thursdays 


$425 for Thursdays & Fridays (includes participation in the culminating experience) 

Field Trip Package


The majority of the field trips occur on Thursdays or Fridays during the year. This package allows for students in the OCA Blended Model to attend these field trips as well. All field trip fees are covered in the Field Trip Package fee. 

In Upper Elementary, students are given the opportunity and responsibility for planning their own field trips. Working alongside the guidance of their teacher,s students take charge of everything from researching bus routes for the class to travel there to calling field trip vendors to secure the trip! OCA students take pride in stepping up to the plate and taking the initiative to plan these trips. They LOVE IT! 

When: Various days according to the teachers field trip schedule

Cost: $100

Here's How to Apply!

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