Primary Curriculum

(3's, 4's and Kindergarten)

The Primary Classroom lights a child's sense of wonder through discovery-based, hands-on learning. Reading is taught through a phonics based approach, and hundreds of materials invite the child to engage in every math, science, language and geography lesson! The teacher shepherds the child's individual pace in a joyful, stress-free learning environment where Jesus is treasured, others are cherished, mastery is our focus and learning is loved.

The Classroom

Below is an outline of the various areas of our Montessori Classroom. Each area will give an indication of the extent of learning your child will be exposed to in the Pre-K/Kindergarten classroom. As the teacher follows each child’s individual educational needs, many academic areas in this class go as high as a 3rd grade level. 

Practical Life Area


Helps child build confidence, learn life skills, grow in developing order, concentration, coordination, and independence; helps develop fine motor skills. Examples- grasping, tweezing, using chopsticks, pouring, sweeping, tying, clothes washing, mopping, learning to use tools, bead stringing, bean tub, magnets, art center, easel painting, etc.



A child perceives God’s world through his/her five senses. Examples- Fabric boxes, color boxes, weight cylinders, sound boxes, smelling bottles, gradation, tall to short, thick to thin, etc.

Math Area


1-10 activities, telling time, identifying money, teens board, hundreds board, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division boards, thousand chain, binomial and trinomial cubes, etc.

Language Area


Picture matching, rhyming, learning letter sounds, blends, spelling, word families, sight words, reading, spelling, identifying parts of speech, etc.

Geography / Botany Area


Cultural awareness, 7 continents puzzle maps, identifying countries, landforms, parts of the fish, frog, horse, bird, tree, flower, etc.

Rug / Calendar - Peace Corner


Problem solving through making peace with others; asking for and giving forgiveness.

Soft Corner


Reading, relaxing, calming down, personal exercise station (children will learn yoga, ballet poses, etc.)

Classical Education Memorization


Memorization of facts that will be applied throughout the classroom. Exs- memorizing skip counting 2’s, 3s, 4’s, 5’s, 6’s-15’s, squares, cubes, parts of the body, skin layers, chemistry facts, U.S. Presidents, U.S States/Capitals, Old Testament and New Testament Books, English grammar facts, and a whole lot more!!!

Fine Arts


Students will be taught basic drawing skills, painting, color mixing, study great artists, theater and dance.