Our Story

A team of educators with a passion for education and justice, joining arms with their community and hoping in their big God.

OCA's Story

The vision of Oak City Academy originated out of a desire to make an exceptional education accessible to the urban community. Danny Breed and his family moved into downtown Raleigh and were members of the community for four years before starting OCA. Out of a passion that all children deserve an excellent education, regardless of what they own or what neighborhood they live in, Danny and Kari Breed Co-Founded Oak City Academy.  The scholarship fund was born out of this heartbeat to reached underserved students and families from urban communities. Pursuing his Master's Degree in Classical Education Thought, Danny brought a love for Classical learning as well as a passion that Jesus could be more connected to the curriculum than was typical in most schools.  Danny’s wife, Kari, was instrumental in blazing a new model of curriculum bringing together the Classical model of curriculum with the Montessori Method. 

In 2009, Oak City Academy was incorporated and a Board of Directors was formed. In 2010 OCA received its 501c3 status and created the foundational structures for the school and the curriculum. The Lord answered many prayers along the way, including providing $70,000 in the first week of July, 2011, which provided the startup capital to begin. In the Fall of 2011, Oak City Academy opened its doors with 11 students, one teacher, and one assistant. As more students enrolled, a phenomenal teaching team expanded the staff even further. Today, OCA leadership consists of  it's Co-Founders, Board of Directors, Admissions Board, Administrative Staff, Teaching Team, Extracurricular teachers, and supportive parents and families. At OCA we truly believe it takes a village to educate a child.