Why OCA?

Oak City Academy prepares children to flourish by teaching them to be wise, virtuous, and free, while focusing on four unique distinctives. 

Our Distinctives

OCA offers a unique educational model unparalleled in Wake County. Children are guided according to their own unique educational pace and proceed to new concepts only after they have demonstrated proficiency in what they are currently learning. Our mastery based individualized model ensures that each child has a strong educational foundation.

Classes at OCA are blended economically and racially so that children learn that everyone has value regardless of how they look or what they own. Children make friends across social barriers and become more versatile in their relationships. This versatility prepares them to live and thrive in a more globalized economy and world.

OCA educates children within a context of patient guidance and extravagant love. Elements of stress that come from honor rolls and forms of assessment that compare the children to each other are removed. This allows children to love learning for the joy of learning, working hard out of a desire to learn more and overcome the next challenge. When a child meets a challenge that may discourage him or her, the teacher is there to inspire the child with hope and to patiently break down the challenge into small steps so it is more easily overcome.

As the children learn new ideas and truths about God’s world, they also learn how the beauty of Jesus is reflected in the things they are studying. As they see this beautiful connection, they experience true joy in the things they are learning. OCA seeks to cultivate this joy on a daily basis through helping the children share about how they see the Lord in their daily lessons.