Extended Day Care

OCA provides families with Before and After School Care Options. Before School Care is operated through OCA, and After School Care is operated through Temple Baptist Day School.  

The Intent Behind Extended Care

Oak City Academy believes that before school care should be an extension of the learning process. Therefore we have structured the OCA Extended Care to complement the instruction your child receives during the normal school day.  

Before School Extended Day: The primary focus on this time is to prepare your child for a great day of learning. They will move around a bit to wake up their body. They will also engage in story time and fine arts to wake up their mind and cultivate their imagination. Yet the environment will be low key so that they are not worn out before they launch into their school day.

The Details Behind Extended Care

What will the time consist of?

  • Outside time -  to wake up the mind and body (Weather permitting)
  • Story and discussion time – children will hear a story and then draw out some character building principles
  • Fine Arts – the children will receive exposure to drawing, different genres of music, and classic paintings to inspire their imagination
  • Game time – a chance to relax a little before school as well
  • Snack time – there will be healthy breakfast snacks as well

Timeframes: Monday through Friday 7:30 to 8:55

  • Parents are welcome to drop their child off at any time during this timeframe
  • OCA Extended Day will not operate when OCA Classes are canceled (due to weather) or not in session.

Location: The main campus at Oak City Academy

Cost:  $6.00 an hour (paid in 1 hour increments)

  • Monthly payers receive a $1 hour discount for paying prior to each month.
  • Payments can also be made at the end of each week.


  • Please request an application from the administrative assistant by emailing assistant@oakcityacademy.org and submit with a $25 non-refundable deposit.